How To Write A Math Practicum

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I did my math practicum in a sixth grade classroom over at Emerson Elementary. I had been doing some service learning hours at the beginning of the semester and observed quite a few math lessons. I then worked with a few students but focused specifically on just one for this practicum. He was a student that Mr. Craner said did well in math at times but has a hard time understand why. During my initial interview before I would teach the lessons, I had asked him if he could remember what they did last in math. He then proceeded to review what he remembered of the last lesson, which was ratio tables and real-world ratio problems. It was a hard lesson for the class and many students didn’t understand the real-world problems, this student included. He could set up the ratio table but had a hard time understand exactly what the question was asking him to do. Knowing that the next few weeks were going to be all about fractions, I had asked if he remembered much about fractions and gave him a few different fraction operations to solve. He remembered a few things about fractions but it was clear that he didn’t remember too much about fractions. I had an idea of what I needed to do over the next few weeks. I then planned to come in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to teach math …show more content…
I had whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractions being multiplied together. I had him work through a few with me, including drawing pictures together, and then gave him a variety of problems that I wanted him to work through on his own (I was right there to help if he got stuck). It was clear right away that he was confused on simplification. He wasn’t sure when to change an improper fraction or when to simplify. I decided that it was probably best to go over exactly what 1/3 * 4 is saying. I broke it down to saying that we have 1/3 of 4. We then drew the picture together and did the

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