Reflection On My Life In The Navy

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I decided to write my second critical reflection paper on what someone would notice about me as my life unfolded. Is there someone who has been watching my life unfold whom I haven’t noticed? The short answer is I don’t know. If there where I think they would have found my childhood quite boring as I did, I think they would have found my life during the navy far more interesting. Not just because of the places I went or things I did, which though interesting, where in a large part just a catalyst to how I changed as a person.
When I first joined the navy I had for all intense and purposes no social skills. How I grew up, what I did in my spare time, what I thought of as important where so different from most others that it was hard to interact
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I would say that I have always had little power in the world. Power was never my thing; I never wanted to be in charge of others so I actively avoided it my entire naval career. I even gave up a leadership role to a junior petty officer to avoid being in charge of work center, which is about five people. Thus as far as direct power goes, I have had very little. The amount of influence one has had on the world is a far harder thing to measure. While I have friends and was respected in the navy, I haven’t stayed in touch with many of them. The fact is that the number of people that I interact with outside of my immediate family on a regular basis is remarkably small. The number is probably less then fifteen people and I would say that I don’t influence them that much. Several times over the past few years I have tried to accurately assess how many people I have talked to in the past ten years. The number I get is surprisingly low, roughly a 1000, most of which interactions were extremely brief. Thus I would say that my influence on the world has been small. What I have found is that outside influences come and go but in the end the greatest power and influence you have is on yourself. It is the tool and object upon which you can and are most suited to

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