Personal Reflection On My Clinical Experience

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L – Look back. Play back every detail of the experience in your head like a video. I found this week to be quite interesting. I got complete orientation from our clinical instructor regarding the 5B MEDICAL UNIT where we posted. This unit contains mainly patients with medical problems including isolated patients. I got to know more about the co-workers, clients, and the settings of Cambridge memorial hospital. I was working under the supervision of my mentor. She was supportive and took me to her assigned patients to do the morning care.
E – Elaborate in writing.
• What happened? What did you experience, think, feel, do? I assisted my mentor in giving bed bath, monitoring vital signs, oral care, dressing and set up food tray, attending call bell and
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• I got sufficient knowledge from them. My mentor showed different types of signs and what they indicates.
• My anticipation was entirely different from what I expected. I thought, the patient was normal so I entered directly into his room. But, he was agitated and disoriented and this happened because of my carelessness.
• I learned that I should see whether there is any particular instruction for particular patients.
• Yes
• I learned the importance of hand hygiene, clarify the doubts with nurse or instructor if I have any doubts, checking different types of precaution signs

R and N – Revise and New Practice Experience.
• How can you use this new learning? Discuss this.
• Is there anything you want to remember to do or avoid doing in the future?
• Any learning issues identified (learning questions, gaps?)
• Anything you might consider doing now or revising?

• This reflection helped me how to recognize our mistakes and learn from these mistakes. I can use this learning in clinical practice settings.
• Read the patient file and learn about patient to avoid mistakes
• I did not go through patient file, so I did this mistake.

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