Equality In Education

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Equity is a very important aspect that should be instil in the classroom although in order for it to be implemented, it is important to identity and expand on what is Equality. Equity does not entail that every learner must be treated the same but focuses on more in treating everyone with equal concern and respect. Therefore it is important as to when I am implementing equality in my classroom that I look at each child as individuals, taking into consideration who they are as an individual. As an English and history teacher I find it essential to ensure that Equality is a necessity in my classroom.
It is important that I incorporate Equality into my lesson planning as when I am planning a lesson I need to reflect on the diversity
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As a teacher I cannot expect my learners in the classroom to practise Equality if I am not an example and do not display such morals and express Equality, therefore I must avoid stereotypes in class activities and assessments making sure that the learning materials do not discriminate against anyone in the classroom. Motivating learners in order to ensure I am able to have an influential relationship with the …show more content…
When planning my lesson it is an important that I ensure I use appropriate learning material for the selected grade. Furthermore I must ensure I perpetuate good values and serve as a role model for the learners in my classroom. Another essential aspect is that I must make learners aware that they have the right of freedom of expression although it comes with a responsibility to ensure they do not abuse this right therefore instilling morals and values in to the learners. I will be able to achieve this when I set clear rules such as “every learner must respect different perspectives” other classroom rules will be made up with the assistance of the learners, gaining important ideals from the learners will ensure that have input in their classroom environment. This is essential as every learner needs to feel that their feelings, principles or complaints are being taken seriously, which will implement a positive environment that will allow effective teaching and learning to take place. In order to implement Freedom of Expression in my classroom I need to insure that I make use of a variety of teaching methods that will make use of different perspectives, thus illustrating that there are many views to an aspect. Therefore learners

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