Reflection On Client Therapy

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Client has come to therapy to discuss her current romantic relationship. Her parents love her boyfriend, he has a great job at a young age, looks good on paper, but he is not the man she wants him to be. Client and her current partner are not communicating effectively, or as much as she wants. She says they only talk on the phone once or twice a week due to his heavy workload, working with UCLA athletics. Traveling all over the country doesn’t leave enough time for them to spend together.
Client is worried because she is feeling lonely and wants more communication, but her partner believes they are much closer in their relationship. She believes he has the potential to be the one for her, but there are trust issues since she believes he is still talking to his ex-girlfriend. This mistrust comes from the start of their relationship in that she found he was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend. Client says in the
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I was able to touch on her faulty thinking, but not in as much detail as I would have liked. It is difficult to do with a ten minute session and I just went down the most relevant paths. If this would have been a regular client, or a 50 minute session, I would have provided psychoeducation to familiarize the client on how we’d go about our sessions. I think with this particular situation, the issue is her fear of his reaction to her expressing her feelings. She thinks about telling him that their lack of communication is affecting her emotionally, but her faulty thinking and irrational beliefs start immediately after. She wonders how he’d react, worries about bringing stress into the relationship, fears she will lose him, this will lead to her disappointing her father and losing their mutual friends. I would explain rational emotive behavior therapy techniques to the client and teach her how to apply it to this situation, and incorporate it into her

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