Reflection Of Temple Grandin's My Mind Is A Web Browser?

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When I first started out in school I could tell from the beginning that it was not going to be a strong suit of mine. Just because I could not perform at the “average” level or simply the fact that I could not take a test without having a major anxiety attack, gave me the preconception that I was doomed for the rest of my educational career. This discouraged me from trying on several occasions. After I discovered that I am a visual learner, I was able to turn the tables around. I found that there were ways to make things work in my favor. This was also achieved by Temple Grandin and Mike Rose. On one hand in Temple Grandin’s passage “My Mind is a Web Browser” we, as the readers, are able to analyze her unconventional thought process due to …show more content…
This was also true for Mike Rose. Because of his nostalgic tone used throughout the passage the reader is able to infer that Rose identified his personal passion for blue collar works through the use of his visual learning skills. “I observed in my mother’s restaurant defined the world of adults” (Rose 1). Even though at the time Rose did not really comprehend the extent of his desire to learn more about blue collar workers it still had a lasting impact on him. He started out with having trouble in school but then thought back to his observations and had the recognition that “formal education [is] a means of fulfillment and [is] a road toward making a living” (Rose 1). Rose was motivated to be successful and live a meaningful life. He left his impact by educating other people with his opinion seen within his writing, for example with “Blue Collar Brilliance” he was able to express that blue collar works deserve just as much respect for their hard work as anyone else. Once I realized what type of learner I was it helped me to not only turn around my opinion about my education but also helped me outside of the classroom in finding that organizing things can reduce my overall stress

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