Reflection Of Surface Chemistry

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In this essay, I will explain how we can benefit from bonding of atoms of certain elements in our daily life. As I will show in this essay, with the help of understanding the surface chemistry, which is the study of chemical reactions at interfaces (surfaces), different desired affects can be produced by the formation of selected elements such as making improved chemical composition of a surface.
Surface chemistry today can be applied to solve various issues and problems including fighting corrosion, making glucose biosensor to monitor the sugar levels for diabetic patients, making lubricants to help reduce the frictions between two substances, making semiconductors that are used in many modern electronic devices such as computers and cell
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I will show how this molecule, which has a chemical compound of Al2O3, is widely used in fighting corrosion how its positive economic and impact on the global society.
First of all, Aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is the second element in group 13, which indicates that there are 3 valence electrons in its uttermost energy level and, therefore, can participate with 3 electrons in the formation of a chemical bond.
Oxygen is in group 16 and has an atomic number of 16 Al and has 6 valence electrons in its uttermost energy level. The element needs 2 more electrons to complete its uttermost energy level.
Aluminum is a silvery-white, soft, ductile, malleable metal with low density and can easily bonds with oxides. These features allow the element to be durable, light weighted, and makes it useful in resisting corrosion through the phenomenon of passivation. As a result, the element is widely used in important industries such as aerospace, transportation, and
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As I have shown, the oxides are the most useful compounds of aluminum, represented in the form of Al2O3, as aluminum naturally forms a strong and effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation and corrosion of the substance making it well suited for resistance applications. The economic impact of Al2O3 in anti-corrosion coating industry is tremendous as it has helped achieving rapid growth in global economic sectors, transforming many countries with rich reserves of Aluminum into manufacturing center, saving huge amount of money in various manufacturing industries by minimizing material and energy waste caused by corrosion, and in lowering the maintenance and repair costs of many manufactured products. The economic impact of Al2O3 in anti-corrosion coating industry cannot be exaggerated as global demand will keep growing steadily on Al2O3 anti-corrosion coating products as the number of global population is expected to grow and the demand for housing, transportations, and telecommunications devices is also expected to grow. In addition, manufacturers around the world look also for the safeness of the chemical compound, its availability, stiffness, durability, ductility, malleability, electric and thermo

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