Reflection Of Religion: Fowler's Fourth Stages Of Life

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Register to read the introduction… This is when one actually begins to apply his or her personal understanding of religion. Stage four is a period of singular reflective faith and spiritual development. One becomes a critical thinker and begins to seek answers to his or her questions about religion. Stage for is a stage of exploration of principles and values; alternatives are also examined and definitive decisions are made. This stage is identified by a clear cut, black and white perspective without much room for a middle ground. Stage five is characterized by conjunctive, mature, open faith; in this stage one accepts the paradox of religion. It is rare for people to reach this stage before mid-life. This is the phase where one realizes the boundaries of rationality and begins to accept the enigmas of life. He or she begins to see life as a mystery and may return to sacred teachings and symbols but this time without placing so much emphasis on these things. Fowler’s final stage, stage six, includes complete surrender, deep, consistent, universalized faith. This stage typically occurs in late adulthood and is the stage of great holiness. The individual has resolved paradoxes and is in constant contact with God. All behaviors and mindsets are derivative of this contact. Those who have made it to this stage live life without major worry or doubt

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