Finding Comfort In Religion Analysis

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Finding the Comfort in Religion During the 1950’s, African Americans were treated as the outcast. They were separated from white people. African American had to use restroom that was only for blacks, and sit at the back of the bus. If a white person got on the bus, they had to give up their seat. They had different waiting room in the hospital than the white people. These were not the only restrictions that were for African Americans, but there were a lot more restrictions on African Americans. Since there were a lot of restriction, some peoples went out searching for a place that they can get support and guidance. So this picture describes the importance of finding comfort and guidance in religion. The woman is getting baptized, and there …show more content…
The lighting of the image is brighter on the front than on the back. As you go toward the back the light get dimmer and dimmer. The woman’s white gown even adds another the focus on her. There are some women that are wearing white dresses, but since they are at the back of the picture the focus is not on them. Although the first color picture was taken on 1861, the photographer chose to use black and white picture to show the deepness of the image. The front of the picture shows how bright the woman’s future would be, and the women and men that are surrounding her would be part of her journey in her life. Moreover, the photographer did not choose to show some peoples from the baptism ceremony. The reason for the photographer choosing this frame might be to draw focus on the woman and to lessen any distraction. The woman on the right that is standing is half cut on this picture. This shows that the photographer is trying to minimize the amount of peoples that are in the picture, but still making the woman the center of attention. All these three visual elements demonstrations the woman’s importance and journey, which is finding security in her region, because of the restrictions for African

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