Reflection Of Reflection On Practice Essay

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Reflection for practice in health care is predetermined skilled activity where individual evaluates and explains own ideas, feelings, behavior and intervention and provides clinical reason of its effectiveness. Reflection is a process of looking at own behavior and changing self rather than expecting others to change. While changing self, values and moral should be considered. However cultural background, workplace culture highly influences the values. For example: medical restrain: Medical restrain is restricting the movement of a patient with slight pain in order to prevent harming themselves and others. At the time when I used to work in an institution I have seen many cases of restrain. I value the safety of patient and other patient because the patient was too violent and difficult to control by communication and in one point of view it is the best method to assure the safety of patient and others as well. And it is the workplace culture which allow health professional to restrain the patient. But my moral value was not accepting the fact of restrain, as patient had to suffer a lot, he was having bruises all over the skin and became more violent after restrain. the link shows how violent a patient could be at the time of restrain. It is beyond my moral value to restrain him because I placed myself in the patient condition and thought how painful would it be to limit my movement…

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