Personal Narrative: What I Learned In Psychology

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Over the past semester, I have learned many things about how our bodies and minds work when put under certain situation. This class helped me familiarize myself with certain topics that I wasn’t aware of before. Additionally, this class opened my eyes to certain behaviors I exhibit in my own life. Psychology in my opinion is one of the most powerful subject/concept in our lives. The reason I say this is because everything we do, everything we say and how we act all correlates with psychology and how our mind works. Throughout the semester I learned quite a few different topics that I can relate to my life. A couple of them are how are dreams formulate, what phantom limb syndrome is, how to become better at memorizing things and many more. There …show more content…
I can relate to this because there are situations in my life where I’m not sure happened or I remembered them correctly. All of this would be caused by someone telling the situation happened differently. This hasn’t applied to my life in a long time but when I remember certain things about my childhood I’m not sure that’s how it happened or someone told me that is how it happened. In addition to manipulating memories, I learned how to better my memory from the writer that became the memory champion. He stated that the way he was able to become the champion or remember things better was to remember them in a most disturbing way we can. So one day I took his advice and while I was studying for a vocabulary quiz in anatomy and to this day that is probably one of the very few words I still remember. I will not go into details as to how I remembered it but it worked, and from now on that is how I plan on remembering crucial information for test or other …show more content…
I don’t consider myself a depressive person I guess you can say. If one asks someone about me they would probably state that I’m one of the most upbeat humorous individual’s, they have met. Although, I try to be upbeat most of the time, there are days, weeks or even months were I become a bit depressed. I know that depression does not run in my family so I definitely think that it comes from my life experiences. This goes back to my previous paragraph and how I don’t allow people in or trust many people that is. I have those trust issues because of my life experiences and I think that those trust issues are what bring upon my depression. Like I stated, not being able to talk to someone or confide is someone can be really lonely and depressive at times. I think that is one of the biggest things that cause me to become depressive at times. This also relates to when I first moved to United States and I didn’t speak any English. That was my first experience with depression and how it felt to be depressed. Again the reason I was depressed was because I didn’t speak English and I didn’t have anyone to talk

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