Essay about Reflection Of My Guest Speaker : Agnes Naera

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Reflection one: guest speaker: Agnes Naera
During a lecture in class Agnes Naera came in and spoke about her role with AUT and how she sculpts diversity and equality throughout AUT. Agnes Naera Is the director of equity within the faculty of Business and Law at AUT. In her “role she focuses on advancing Maori and Pasifika aspirations”. (Our Women , n.d.). This reflection will reflect on what I understood form Agnes’s Presentation and how I have interpreted the information.
Agnes started her presentation by demonstrating how problems concerning diversity can appear sometimes to be in a sort of labyrinth in which an individual will come to a dead end and have to choose another path. This labyrinth affect also suggest that to navigate around this problem a different perspective must be taken in which to view he issue. Agnes also suggested diversity has no longer become an act of just telling people about diversity and equity but in fact it’s about doing something about it rather than taking a passive backseat approach. The idea of more than one right answer to any problem was surprising as usually in any situation there were only one right answer but in terms of diversity, at first it may seem that there is one solution but when a different perspective is applied to the issues in diversity or any other area we can see that there are more than one solution. (Seierstad, 2014) Suggest that there is a need for fresh new perspectives to be used in the modern workplace. For…

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