My Observation At Tri County Career Center

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I am currently placed at Tri County Career Center in a junior and senior English classroom. The first two periods of my day is co- taught with a general education English teacher. First period is junior English, and second period is senior English. These two classrooms are very different and it is really interesting for myself as a future educator, to observe how these different classrooms respond and need different things from different co-teaching models. My first class of the day is very high energy and motivated, so my teacher and the general educator plan journals and games to keep their energy up. From what I have observed, my mentor teacher and the general educator both bring in their different creative sides to make the content that …show more content…
I also think the work is shared equally but my co-teacher has so many ideas and a very different teaching style, that it is hard for my mentor teacher to do anything but support her. I feel that the students defiantly need to be supported but I think another different teacher should support them as well to give them the full support that they need when working on a project or paper. I think it is very interesting to see these polar opposite models in my classroom, so I can best gain insight and knowledge on how to teach in my future career as an …show more content…
The co-teaching model set up in my second period classroom isn’t an ideal team teaching process. My mentor teacher and her counterpart haven’t successfully discovered each other’s strengths and weaknesses which can make team teaching very difficult and can cause them to lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is the individual student. Their supports do help students with disabilities in my classroom but I wish they would make it more of a team effort, instead of assigning one person to be in charge of individually helping a student. I hope to gain further knowledge into the co-teaching and collaboration world and learn techniques that I can use in the classroom. I am excited to continue to watch how collaboration and co- teaching play out in my classroom. I also hope to see my students benefit from this model and ultimately be successful in their

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