Critical Reflection Of Microteaching

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Critical Reflection of microteaching
Lesson Preparation
A Comprehension of content
The main purpose of this topic is to link it to the water cycle. The students would need to know that the water cycle is dependent on the condensation as well as evaporation of water. Also, due to the anticipation of certain misconceptions, the lesson was conducted in a way, such that, any misconceptions would be surfaced either during questioning or during the experiment. As a result, the teacher would need to know how the topic relates to other concepts and how the lesson must be crafted to address this (Shulman, 1987, p. 14). This is done through the use of inquiry based lesson.
In order to get pupils excited about science, the real life application of this
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This is a very effective way as their peers’ explanation could make them understand even better.
Selection: The decision was made to conduct the lesson in the form of inquiry based learning. The pupils were given a number of items within which there were some items which were not required for the experiment. This allowed pupils to have a choice in how they would carry out the experiment.
Due to the nature of this form of learning, it would give students a variety of solutions to the particular problem. For example, students could decide to put the hot water beaker on top of the ice beaker to observe what would happen. They could also choose to merely cover the beaker with the cling wrap to observe what would happen. This gives a wider possibility of the answer available and rather than dictate to students what they need to do, they are encouraged to think creatively and be more flexible with their thinking and
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They were then made to correct the misconceptions with the assistance of the information of what they had just completed.
The students were also given a short quiz in the form of a mind map. This serves as a way to show students the big overview of the entire topic as well as how they are interlinked. As this information is being shown, the teacher asked questions regarding it, to get pupils to think critically about the lesson. Through the pupils’ response, the pupils were able to fully understand the lesson.
In general, the lesson went according to plan and students were provided with the necessary scaffolding. However, there is a need to improve the form of delivery techniques such as to incorporate more questioning. As students would learn better when they are made to actually think. It is through this thinking process that pupils actually make the connections in their minds.
Lesson review
E Reflection
The idea of using inquiry based learning is a good one from the various literature reviews as well as from the students’ response and

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