Jumping Up And Down On The Bed Analysis

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Jumping Up and Down on The Bed “Jumping up and Down on the Bed “is a creative poem written by Ronald Jackson. The speaker, begins to reflect back on the past. He reflected back on the past, because he begins to go back in time to when he was a child. When he started to reminisce on the past, he had a childish tone that he uses to express the feeling of jumping on the bed. He feels his dad’s presences as if he does what is not acceptable in his home- He senses at that very moment that his dad anger is coming upon him. As the speaker begins to have the imagination of the past, he begins to imagine the childish things he did as a kid. Jackson uses the poem that symbolizes the tone, imagery, and sense of what some people feel as a child when we do the opposite of what are parents tell us not to do. In this poem, the audience can reflect on when they were kids doing things that were not allowed in the home. We as young adults began to imagine what …show more content…
The speaker associated his thoughts about jumping on the bed like he’s at war on the battlefield. The speaker realizes that “escalate the campaign, shoot higher, drop lower, itch to flick the safety off, till father’s klaxon voice launches a mortar shell from below”(9-12). Going through the feelings about jumping on the bed, the speaker felt that it was hilarious. He hears his father yelling up the stairs at him to stop jumping on him. He visualizes his father coming up the stairs. He tastes the fear of getting in trouble by his father. Having all of this made the speaker realizes jumping on the bed was funny, but it was not worth getting in trouble. As this poem comes to an end, the author wanted the audience to see that based off of the speakers actions of jumping on the bed. That as he reflected back on the past comes to realized his fathers feelings about jumping on his fathers

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