Reflection Of American Education

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Chapter one discusses the major changes that American education is facing regarding the language of its students. The change in major languages has sparked need for new teaching methods and styles. I think the increase of non-native speakers has improved American education. Having to make adjustments and changes requires teachers to reassess their teaching styles which is something that all educators should be actively doing.
Some educators do not like standardized testing but can see the positives and negatives associated with it. This is an area of American education that is changing, educators are making it more known that a lot of these standardized tests are directed toward native speakers. The standardized tests have very dramatic outcomes
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I find funding frustrating, but I also find unclear directs frustrating as well too. It can be hard for ELLs when programs and expectations are so different and unclear. Some of the syllabi I have been given for science classes were very unclear. The teacher used a lot of open ended ideas and no examples so it was challenging to determine whether or not I should take it. I once wrote a paper for a teacher who listed prompts, but due to the way the assignment was written I thought we had to write about all of the topics listed. I wrote a ten page paper instead of writing a two page reflection. I learned from my experience that when I start teaching I will make sure the directions are clear for all students. I am often worried about how classes are taught and what types of assignments the professors assign. I like class discussions because I want to know how my classmates teach, classes that are pure lecture based in the sciences can be challenging for me. Teachers can minimize these challenges by breaking down their lessons and making sure that it will work for all students not the ‘norm’. Teachers can also ensure that they post examples for …show more content…
I agree with the text, just because background knowledge is different does not mean that it is any less valid compared to others’. Brainstorming is a way that background can be built. It may not always help but it can help get students ready for a lesson. I also like the idea of reading a story or an article to help get students thinking about a particular subject. When I studied reading class in level three, teacher required students to read a storybook called “Berlin Express”, the author’s name is Michael Musten. Every week we had to read one chapter to and then every Friday she tested us on the reading. Sometimes we had to write summaries for the chapter and sometimes we had to answer a question. This helped students learn the vocabulary and it helped me process what I was reading. She was able to make the subject relatable and interesting. Even though we were reading for the class we also had to write our responses so she also made writing more interesting. Writing can be relatable and it could help all students build background knowledge, though ELL students do have differences, it depicts that changes made to education that help ELLs can help all students. Activation of prior knowledge is a necessary practice for all

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