Reflection Of Abnormal Psychology

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Verona Hibbert
Abnormal Psychology
Reflection essay

An illness is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “a condition of being unhealthy in your body, mind or a specific condition that prevents your body or mind from working normally: a sickness or disease” (2014). When we look at the way one’s understanding of a disorder, we may find that the dictionary tends to define it as, something that disturbs the normal order of processing in the brain. Once one understand the different types of disorder and the way they work, they might conclude that a disorder is something that interferes with the way your mind is setup and they way it process information. In this course I have learn about many disorders but in this essay I will focus
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Depression is a serious medical illness that involves the brain. Depression is a persistent condition that interferes with your everyday life, it also affects a person by allowing them to always be emotional. This disorder is very tough to talk about because I was diagnosed with depression in March of this year. From my experience living with Depression I get very upset early and very emotional. They cause of my depression was that my father got into a terrible car accident and since that day I knew something was going wrong with me. For me dealing with depression so far has been up and down the accident is always something that I think about but on the other hand I know I have my son that is depending on me. Treatment for depression is usually medication; talk therapy, or a combination of both. For me I prefer to go the natural route, which is therapy, which seems to be helping me a lot.
In this course I have learn never to judge a person base what you see on the outside because you can never tell what a person is going through or went through or going though in life. This class has open up my eyes and I have learned a lot of thing that will help be towards my psychology major. The most important lesson that I learn in this class is to always do a full and thorough assessment on a patient before starting treatment. Because base on their background, religion, and what trauma they may experience in life there could be a possibility they you can treat a patient for the wrong

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