Essay on Reflection Of A Teacher Reflection

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Reflection is viewed as a process of becoming aware of one’s context, of the influence of societal and ideological constraints on previously taken-for-granted practices, and gaining control over the direction of these influences.

It seems that all theories admit that teacher reflection is necessary and it comes with experience. What is essential about reflection is to recognize the origin and impact of your own origin systems, values and interpretations of what determine a professional teacher. Of course it is not easy to reflect on yourself. It is very important to be objective, and more open to other perspectives and interpretations.

1.5. Framework and procedures
In order to put all approaches together Pollard (2005) created one universal structure that will cover both theories namely: Schön’s and Dewey’s and established framework that consist of seven characteristics.
The first aspect is that reflective teaching suggests an active and constant attention with goals and consequences. This is not only cover classroom practice but it should also include speaking out through teaching organizations where we can help other teachers in development.
The next thing mentioned in the framework is that teacher should monitor, evaluate and revise his or hers’ practice regularly. What is more reflective teaching requires from teacher ability to do researches not only on own performance but also on others experience. It is a common knowledge that listening requires being…

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