Reflection About Identity

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I have been searching for my identity part of my life, constantly wondering what is my purpose in life and what do I live behind me when I’m gone. Throughout this semester in writing class I experienced many different answers to that question as while as new ways to express myself with my writing skills. Each essay was like a testimony to what I had kept quiet about, while writing every essay it was like I was feeling oxygen in my lungs. None of my essays were formed quickly each took thought and persuasiveness it was something I had to be honest as a writer about. I think that is what this class gave me the biggest opportunity of was being given a black page and some how creating a beautiful vibrate masterpiece. Being personal about my childhood …show more content…
I still need to further my progress on grammar and organizational skills to make my writing flow better and punctuation. Just about all the papers that were assigned to me this semester had almost the same comments which were fixing the little things like punctuation. However, the writing that I must find satisfying are narrative essays because I think that is what I am best at, being one with a pen in paper is what I would say being an artist is all about. Before I would have never said my essays were art but now I truly believe that they are not because I wrote them and they got a good score but because I told my story and did not have to sugar code it for anyone, I expressed myself and put myself for everyone to see. It wasn 't because I wanted to know what they thought of my work but more because I wanted me to think of my work not just confined to myself by out there for everyone to know it 's okay to express yourself. Also I find narrative essay difficult because you have to come to terms with your situations that have been pressed below but I think that makes it more rewarding with you finally reach the surface. Since I have only written one narrative essay this semester I think that would best reflect my writing as of right now. The searching was my favorite part of the writing process by the hassle would be the conclusion because there was a constant debate in my head of what it could be but ultimately I chose to say, “I think I’m still on my journey to finding myself, I do not know how my story is going to end but I know with bad story somewhere along the way there is good in the end.” it was hands down the bravest thing I have ever said as a writer and I am proud of

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