Reflection About Coming To Class

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I have definitely learned a lot more from this class than I thought I would have. When this class started, I was not excited, because I have never liked writing, and felt that I was not very good at it. Now it’s coming to an end and fast. I always enjoyed coming to class because it went by quickly and was never dull. It started with free writes to help with our fluency, to class discussions, peer editing, and your revisions of our essays. All these of have definitely helped me with the writing process and becoming a better writer.
For my case study I have chosen my most recent essay, the argumentative piece on Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream by Joshua Davis, published in 2014. I choose this essay because I feel it exemplifies my best writing. When writing this essay I was able to use all the information we had learned since the beginning of the semester and compile them into this
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I have been applying College Writing I in many ways to my lab reports in chemistry and physics, and also in essays we do for my Introduction into College Class. For written lab reports in chemistry, we must articulate our whole experiment, so when writing my introduction and conclusion I make sure I am using transition words and making sure thoughts are clear and easy to understand.
“Overall, the data collection was mostly precise within each reaction. The most accurate reaction that was closest to the expected literature value was reaction D with a percent difference of .86%. When determining the change in enthalpy through Hess’s law for reaction E, it was calculated to be -56.63 and for the experiment the change in enthalpy was calculated to be -62.13kJ, so the percent difference between the two was only 8.85%” (Determining Enthalpy Change Lab Report,

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