Reflecting On Practice : Using Learning Journals On Higher And Continuing Education

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Journal Critique
Reflecting on Practice: using learning journals in higher and continuing education
Learning journals are an important method of assisting students with critical reflection, and as such are the focus of many discussions and studies. Substantial amounts of the studies surrounding critical reflection and the use of learning journals focus on traditional students. The lack of empirical studies relating to non-traditional students, learning journals, and critical-reflection form the foundation for the research conducted by Arthur M. Langer of Columbia University. The purpose of this critique is to review Langer’s research and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in the research’s format, data collection study design and analysis, and conclusions.
Langer presents his literary research document in a format that is considerably organized, prescribing to the standard of a scholarly written peer reviewed literature; consisting of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction, somewhat lengthy, presents a tremendous insight as to the study approach and prior gaps in the study that led Langer doing further research on this topic; however there’s no clear or concise thesis statement. The thesis statement seemed to be “the purpose of the study was to understand the immediate and extended impact of journals as a learning tool for working with adult students, and for promoting critical reflection” (Langer, 2002, p. 338). However, the study focused…

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