Essay Reducing Drinking Age Lowered Work

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Have you ever met anyone or been around someone that maybe drinks too much? Some people want drinking age lowered to 18 others want it as 21. In this essay I am going to tell you how we need to tackle abuse among students, the ups and downs in lowering the age on buying alcohol, and how to make drinking age lowered work. More than 1800 college students die, and a lot more than that are injured all by alcohol. Is alcohol are friend or enemy? It can lead to random hook ups or not being able to remember what you did last night. College and high school kids often mix alcohol with prescription drugs such a xanex, hydrocodone, or ecstasy. This causes the students to black out and even die sometimes. What are these kids gaining from doing this? But more than that why are they doing this to themselves? Actually a lot of college kids fall into peer pressure or being on the spot. Sometimes it is due to the student themselves being a loner or having no friends and wanting to makes some. Have you ever heard of the term “social drinker” that is when someone doesn’t drink a lot just drink enough to where they are friendly and want to get more social. As a total alcohol claims about 85,000 Americans a year. Alcohol sometimes claims its victims depending on your weight, size and amount of alcohol consumed. I think we could put a halt to drinking and driving from teen prospective if parents were not so hard on their kids for drinking they were not scared to get caught by them. Teens are…

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