Essay on Recycling Is A Good For Our Environment

1882 Words Dec 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Giselle Parvool
Environmental Science
Mr. Lee
Period: 3
December 5, 2016
We Should All Recycle
We should all be encouraged to be recycling because it 's good for our environment and helps us reduce pollution caused by waste that we produce. Recycling is a very good thing to do because the environment isn 't messy or causing harm to people, animals, etc.
Recycling is a process that we have to be reusing things every time their are thrown or exchanged so they can go to factories to produce something from the product that was given away. We can also convert things into reusable material that can be formed into something that we might not even know that it was in the process of being used. We should all be aware and open minded of the incredible things that recycling has for us in the future and also for future generations because they would really appreciate what we do and then they will be encouraged to recycle too.
In other words, others will say that recycling isn 't a good thing because you 're causing lots of trash and can cause lots of room in your house because of those plastic bottles that you haven 't gone to exchange for cash. Also, others will say that 's it 's a waist a time and that they don 't need to be doing anything else but enjoy themselves by watching television or any other activities they 're interested in on doing.
Keeping the environment a clean and better place is a very good and fascinating thing because we have it look green and make it a place…

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