Recycled or Reclaimed Essay

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Recycled or reclaimed water refers to the former sewage or wastewater that has undergone biological treatment to remove impurities or solids (Hurlimann 83). Essentially, people and industries can re-use recycled water to satisfy domestic, industrial, agricultural, and commercial needs. The primary purpose of recycling wastewater is to conserve water, as opposed to discharging the treated water into rivers, oceans, and other surface waters. In effect, recycling water enhances environmental sustainability since the society reduces its demand for water by reusing the water at its disposal. However, many people often cringe at the thought of using or consuming recycled water owing to concerns about its safety. Indeed, concerns over the safety …show more content…
Undoubtedly, the procedure ensures that the public has access to high-quality reclaimed water. In fact, careful monitoring of the water recycling process ensures that water-recycling companies produce highly treated and disinfected water products that meet water regulatory requirements and the set health standards (Hurlimann 85). Similarly, the regulatory bodies require the recyclable water plants to maintain their water taps and fittings, just like the fresh water suppliers do. In addition, a licensed plumber usually repairs and changes all fittings and accessories carrying the recycled water as per the requirements of water regulatory authorities.
Secondly, the reclaimed water is odorless, clear, and clean compared to the natural water found in boreholes and wells, which most people believe is safe for drinking and non-drinking purposes. According to a National Research Council new report, the current wastewater treatment technologies have made it possible for recyclable water schemes to reduce the high risks of chemical contaminants in reclaimed water (Seah 22). Importantly, these new biotechnologies ensure that the reclaimed water is clean and safe for both industrial and home use. In addition, the recent advancements in water filtration techniques allow reclaimed water companies to provide odorless and clear water that is safe to use (Yamagata 24).

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