Persuasive Essay On Water Testing

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There are tens of thousands of companies out there that sell water treatment equipment. Some companies prefer to work with city supplied or treated water, while other companies will treat private well water, spring and even recycled water. Regardless of what type of water is being treated a certain amount of testing should be done to ensure that the treatment equipment will handle the problem and that it is sized correctly.
Those treating city water, have the advantage that this water is tested to meet safety requirements and in some cases it may also be treated. Since public water supplies are required to report water quality to their customer based, a water treatment company can have easy access to that testing data. This water quality data is representative of the water as it leaves the water treatment plant and not what comes out of the tap at home. As water travels through distribution pipes it has the opportunity to pick-up contaminants like lead, copper and particulates. Additionally the chlorine or chloramine that is used in city water for
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The owner of the well is responsible for testing and ensuring its safety. The EPA recommends private well owner’s test their water at least once a year for bacteria and nitrates minimally. How often do private wells get tested? Based upon my experience, not very often. I worked for National Testing Laboratories, a lab that specializes in testing drinking water, especially for homeowners with private wells. I have worked here for over 15 years, and when I ask a homeowner when was the last time you had the water tested, the most common answer I get is “when I moved in the house”. Oftentimes, this is many years later, but typically when water is tested for a home closing the testing required is usually bacteria and sometimes lead and nitrates, however there are some states, counties and townships that have more stringent testing

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