Recruitment And Retention : College Recruitment Practices Essay

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Topic Paper 2: Recruitment and Retention
There are many strategies that colleges and universities utilize to attract students to their schools (College Recruitment Practices, 2016). The literature outlines many ways that colleges and universities market themselves from direct visits of college staff to high school campuses, direct mailing, calling students, recruitment websites and offering college visits are just a few of the ways colleges attract student.
Elite colleges and universities will have no shortage of applications and typically have low acceptance rates as they have typically the highest standards for acceptance (Fender, 2008). Most schools have moderate acceptance standards, which typically require at least a C to B average in high school or previous college coursework and/or college preparatory coursework for incoming freshmen (Northern Arizona University, n.d). Most community colleges have a requirement of completing high school or attainment of a G.E.D. If grades or aptitude are of concern, community colleges and some universities have placement tests to determine the appropriate coursework for the students to begin.
Many colleges and universities have become more aggressive in their marketing practices (Lorenzetti, 2008). Special websites are designed or purchased to attract student’s interest and colleges will then follow-up with students to determine degree of interest and suitability for programs. Many marketing companies acquire and sell student…

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