Recommendations For Healthy Development

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Recommendations for Healthy Development
There are many ways to help raise your child to be healthy and develop well. However just as it is neither nature nor nurture that determines who we are, but a mix of both, there are strategies that require you as parents to be both strict, but responsive, as well as other ways to produce a happy and healthy child.
When in the womb, the fetus is completely reliant on its mother. All throughout the pregnancy, what the mother eats, drinks, and breathes goes to her child, and even in the third trimester it can start to hear sounds. The fetus especially loves mom’s voice. Which is why mom needs to take special care of what stimuli the fetus is exposed to when in the womb. Teratogens can impair prenatal development. The father’s influence on it is important for contraception, making sure he has healthy sperm that are rich in antioxidants, however the mother’s influence it significantly more important during the development to producing a healthy baby. Aside from the obvious teratogens that can get transmitted to the baby such as drugs and alcohol, any the diseases the mother gets, radiation she endures, as well as simply the pollutants in the air
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Physical decline is a usual for adulthood, however it is dependent on the person’s health. If the adult stays active throughout their life, they can significantly decrease the effects of physical decline. Another way to ensure your child stays psychologically healthy is by helping them overcome, if not avoid the mid-life crisis that affects 1 in 4 adults. Triggers are major effects such as illness, divorce, or job loss. Helping the adult through this time not have as much regret or dissatisfaction will help them lead a happier life. Reminding the adults that generally older adults tend to be more positive than younger adults can help them look forward to what’s ahead as

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