Reckless Driving in My Neighborhood Essay

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Reckless Driving In My Neighborhood
Nancy S. Young
Gayla Nelson
March 13, 2006 Reckless Driving in My Neighborhood Our neighborhood is a place where we should be comfortable letting our children play, without having to worry about them getting hit by a reckless driver. If our children are in their on yard, there is still a chance for a speedy driver to loose control and hit one of them. On the street that I live on there is a great deal of children, of all ages, that ride bikes and play basketball. The children sometimes use the road to ride their bikes, because there is no other place for them to ride. Are we supposed to make our children stay off their bikes to satisfy the drivers, because people do not
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Because the drivers have to stop all of a sudden, does not make it our fault that they are speeding. The reckless drivers are the ones playing laud music, talking on their cell phones, speeding and not paying attention. They are making our streets and yards not safe for the children. I have contacted the police about this matter and they have told me, that they are going to investigate and watch our streets to see if they can put a stop to the reckless driving. I also may be interviewed by an officer of the law. It shall be deemed reckless driving for any person to drive a motor vehicle in a careless or wanton manner without regard for the safety of a person's property or in violation of the conditions outlined in Section 11-801 of Motor Vehicles, Title 47. (OSCN) The punishment for reckless driving if you are arrested and convicted to me is not enough. According to the Okalahoma Statutes Citationized, if someone is convicted of reckless driving in the first offence you will either spend not less than five days in jail and no more than 90 or ordered to pay a fine of $100.00 to $500.00 dollars, if not both. On the second offence you could face ten to six months in jail or a fine between $150.00 to $1,000.00 or both (OSCN). I believe that people need to know what could happen to them if they were to get caught or hit someone. "What could be done to help control the traffic in

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