Recidivism Rate And Recidivism Rates Essay

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There are many studies on the rates of recidivism and the reasons of its increase. These high recidivism rates are not only occurring in the United States, but internationally as well. Prisons are made to keep danger off the streets and out of our community. The greater the crime, an even greater punishment is destined to be sentenced. What effect does punitive sentencing have on recidivism rates? Punitive sentencing is ,in a way, there to help the convicted deter from their wrong doings for the future, yet the recidivism rates are increasing. A lot of money is spent on building and running prisons, compared to money spent on education,all for the sake of a safer community. Sentencing longer prison terms, hoping the criminal will learn from their mistakes and not commit more, once released, is questionable on if it is worth it in the first place. Recidivism is occurring more often than usual. Even though prisons are meant to frighten inmates into coming back, they seem to not have an effect on it. It is necessary to research the rates of recidivism and study if the actions that are being done with accurate results. Tests are done by releasing inmates early to experiment and study on the time it would take the inmates to return to prison. The results tend to be opposite of what they desire. Could it be because punishment is not harsh enough while in containment? A rational person would be deterred from attempting a future crime because of the long time spent behind bars. In…

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