Teenage Interest In Rave Parties

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Teenage interest in rave parties is fast becoming an alarming reality. Drugs and substance abuse have become a part of our lives in one way or another. Film and music stars have made the idea of drug rehabilitation centers almost popular with their frequent visits. With celebrities regularly losing their lives to drug abuse, it would be easy to think that teenagers would be well informed about the health hazards of drugs.

On the contrary, they associate drugs with being ‘cool’. Avoiding the first contact is crucial to avoiding a lifelong, debilitating addiction. Here are a few lessons that you need to communicate to your child.

What are drugs?

Apart from medicines, cigarettes and alcohol, there are numerous drugs available at parties and
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Indulging in sexual acts under the influence of drugs can leave teenagers with unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Smoking or indulging in drugs in the presence of younger siblings can damage the health of the family. Being a part of the drug business is risky and can lead to jail-time or a lifelong scar that can leave teenagers without jobs and respectable lives.

Why would teenagers try drugs?

The reasons why teenagers or adults try drugs are not difficult to understand. With easy access to drugs, curiosity about what they are like and what they can do, an impressionable mind can easily feel the urge to experiment with them.

Drugs present an escape from boredom and into new and exciting avenues, at least for a short period till the euphoria lasts.
A need to fit in and be accepted as being cool and sophisticated may drive many teenagers to take the first smoke.
A painful past or depression can encourage a person to try drugs.
Attention-seeking could be another reason
Lack of self-confidence
Relief from physical pain
In many cases, there may be a family member who is an active drug user. Such close relationships with drug abusers might lead a teenager to follow in their footsteps, or turn wholly away from

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