Opportunities For Immigration Essay

Immigration has had a huge impact in American history and yet the United States continues to have the most open immigration policy world-wide. After many years, the policies have changed and became more difficult for immigrants and their families being able to stay together. Countless times have families got separated by immigration laws, however the United States has always stood for its’ diversity and freedom. Therefore, the United States should provide opportunities for immigrants because they migrate here for beneficial purposes and provide us with diversity and convenient skills, help improve our economy and keep it stable, and have the right to enter our country and have a better life.
One reason why the U.S should provide opportunities for immigrants is because they have the right to come into our country and live the better life that they want and get the chance to enhance their education. Some immigrants also leave their hometown because of many reasons such as war, poor human rights, and a corrupt government. It is said that majority of immigrants are
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Some think that immigrants take jobs of Americans when these immigrants take the low-paying job that people in the U.S don’t want to do. Furthermore, overpopulation isn’t really an issue because the bigger our economy is the more successful and stable it is and that will help reduce the deficit within our U.S economy. In addition, many believe that immigrants just come into the U.S and get welfare and just mess around, nonetheless if immigrants are granted amnesty and able to get jobs then they would pay taxes and other fees just like all Americans. In other words, some Americans believe that providing opportunities to immigrants would weaken the economy, get their jobs taken away, and or country will be too

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