Reason Behind Human Action

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“What is the reason behind human action?” This is one of the questions that does not have a definite answer. It is a philosophical question that really gets you to think. As our curiosity develops, we seek to find the answers. There are myths, parables, and many more to help make sense of the world we live in and our identity, but these are not enough to explain something truly complicated. How do we achieve the answer? The only thing certain is that, we can only achieve an answer to these questions using our beliefs. We should use the information that we discover about ourselves, our world, others, and even God to define our identity; sometimes, these information and beliefs that do not even agree with each other. More often than not, since people vary from each other, the beliefs that we have also vary.
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I believe in human freedom. I believe in a person’s free will and their ability to choose on what action to take. A person’s mind, as I had stated earlier, is the core of their identity. I believe that humans have the ability to make decisions for themselves. God gave us the opportunity to choose our own fate and it is up to us to decide on what it will be. We can not deduce what the future brings. It is uncertain as to what will happen to us, but I believe that we hold responsibility on our own actions. Human freedom does not only affect our decisions, it is also the freedom from materialistic things. It is the detachment from mortal desires that tie us onto this world. I believe that we become truly free that way and we are able to decide fully when we let go of these things. However, human freedom is complicated. We may be free to decide but our decisions can be affected by our

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