The Importance Of Reason

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One side, there is this idea that reason should guide every decision we make to lead a morally just life. That although things like emotion or people get in the way, we should always follow reason. On the other hand, reason may realize its own restrictions as in something can be very unreasonable but be rational. The reasonable choice may not be the most logical thing or the thing that is right in your face but it is the most moral. I believe that reason is necessary for a moral life that reason allows us to pull the covers away and see the truth in life. Reason shows how to take everything we are given and use to lead a life on which is morally and ethically sound.
Morals are something every person has or should have. They can be found many
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Reason is one of those ways. Reason allows us to not only see what we should but also allow us to reflect on what we have done. Reason allows us to make logical decisions from what to eat to how many hours a person should sleep to make it to class in a decent amount of time. Reason allows us to shape what is going on around us and use that knowledge to make decisions. Reason is supposed to guide us on our journey from baby to child to adult. This idea of combining logic, deduction, and induction is exactly what compromises reason. Our actions give it strength and only can reason itself question reason. There are limits, barriers that restrict reason. Although reason may have its limitations, Kant’s Groundwork goes on about reason and mentions that with freedom comes reason and with reason, morality. Kant mentions why reason is something that needs to be pushed because from reason comes rational knowledge. (Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals) This idea of truly being free comes from reason. The Founding Fathers were not only some of the most

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