Reality Tv Negative Influence

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These authors main point of this source was to see how celebrities and stars, such as reality television stars, impact the buying of their products. They showed and tested how people tend to buy products based on reality stars. They explain how television was a form of entertainment, but now we have come too far with mainstream promotions. They also talked about how reality stars can influence their audience’s perceptions of life and their morals and purchases in life. They explain how our American culture is part of reality television and that there are many negative influences coming from reality television, such as topics of weight, addictions, families, friends, and love. Tran and Strutton explained how reality televisions stars have an influence on us and how tend to start to copy how they dress, do their hair, take after their names, lifestyle, and pretend to be in their state of reality, which is unrealistic. The authors explained how most of these shows are a way for celebrities to make money too. They talk about how reality television is an overall way of getting viewers to believe what they see and change their perceived reality.
This resource relates to my topic due to the authors focus of how reality television has negative affects and influences on American culture. They provide great examples and back
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This quote supports my ideas and stance of how reality television changes its audience’s perceived reality to a whole new one that they want to live out and live up to those standards, usually leading to failure. This quote will be a great piece of evidence to back up my facts and reasoning of how reality television can change a person’s way of life negatively and influence its audience into a virtual world of a star’s standards, affecting American culture and

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