Reality Television Show And Make It As Successful As It Essay

1676 Words Nov 16th, 2016 7 Pages
The Bachelor first aired on March 25th, 2002 and is soon to air its’ twenty-first season in January 2017 on ABC (Fame10). The Bachelor is a serial episodic television show which casts about twenty-five eligible women stunners who believe that “they are there for the right reasons” (Weiss), which is to fall in love and fight for the bachelor’s love over a course of a short six weeks. The reality television show is such a hit that there are many spin-offs including “The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad, and Ben and Lauren: Happily ever After” (Fame10). According to Kraszewski, reality TV is established through, “selective participation, overarching and mini narrative structure, location, and editing” all of which could not be more true for The Bachelor (Kraszewski). However, in order to create this reality TV show and make it as successful as it is, producers pushed many boundaries showing its viewers an unrealistic portrayal of love. Thus, I will argue in this paper how their casting strategies have been proven to be successful in persuading its viewers to be loyal, but also shows negative aspects of constructing their cast through othering, misrepresents groups of people and stereotyping, and creates character types for marketing and promotion throughout all twenty seasons. The producers of The Bachelor are very specific about constructing their cast. Over the past twenty seasons, the range of diversity that has been casted has been subsequently limited. A…

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