Reality Is The State Or Quality Of Being Real Essay

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What Experts have say about Reality
Reality is “the state or quality of being real” ( Would you believe that what you see is not completely real? Would you believe that what you think is real, is all fabricated in your head? Scientists have proven that some things might just be made up in your head. We consider what we see to be what is and that is reality to us, but some scientist would not agree. Reality may be different for you than it is for me, just as reality is different for different fields of science. This paper will discover the differences and similarities between the realities of philosophers, physicists, psychologists, and anthropologists.
First, we will look at reality viewed from a philosopher’s point of view. Philosophy has this common sense reality which is “physical objects are real and exist independent of human contemplation” ( This means that objects are not dependent on our thoughts to change; they exist objectively whether or not we think about them or ignore them. That is that reality exists beyond our minds and the things around us. This point of view contradicts what physicists affirm to be reality, which will be looked at next. Furthermore, not only does philosophy have the commonsense reality, there is also a modern view of reality. Sanes, a modern philosopher, views “reality as a play of fictions manifested by a universal mind” (Sanes). This is “based on the idea that the world of appearances is an…

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