Reality In The Movie: Are We Real?

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Reality Check
Joni Montoya
South University Online

Are We Real?
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see gorgeous eyes, silken hair, clear skin and a lovely shape? Or do you see wrinkles, unruly hair, imperfect skin and excess pounds? Do you see perfection or imperfection? We all have certain ideas of ourselves, and whether we realize it or not, much of what we see comes from television and the movies. The heroes are always muscular, tall and handsome, and the heroines are always beautiful, at least here in the United States. But when you look at a picture of yourself, do you ever think, “I don’t look like that, do I?” Do you see you in that mirror, or is it society’s view that you see? What do you really see?
In the movie The Matrix, a computer hacker questions the true nature of his reality when he is contacted by mysterious strangers (Wachowski, L & A, 1999). The movie is about society being conquered by machines that enslave the human race and use their bodies to generate electricity
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Is it something that can be touched, or tasted, or felt? According to The Matrix, these are only electrical signals interpreted by the brain. The Allegory of the Cave of Plato come to mind here (Chaffee, 2010, p.27). In the story, men are chained in a dark cave since childhood and are looking at a blank wall. There is a fire behind them, and the men see only shadows on the wall of what is happening outside the cave. One man is released and leaves the cave. At first he is blinded by the light, and them he begins to see what is real and understands that what he knew before he left the cave is not reality. He returns to the cave and tries to make the others still chained understand that what they know is not real, but they are not open to new ideas because that is all they have even known. This Allegory refers to Neo being awakened by Morpheus to reality and Neo sees the light of true reality and attempts to bring it back to

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