Real Women Have Curves Analysis Essay

922 Words Sep 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Simiranjot Singh
Real Women Have Curves Analysis In class we watched the movie, Real Women Have Curves, and it was a very interesting and moving film. It was heartbreaking to see how Ana’s family and others judged her about her weight. Towards the end of the movie, she realizes that her weight doesn’t define who she is, rather her actions make her who she is. I will be discussing some of the interpersonal communication behaviors in, Real Women Have Curves. I will do this by discussing emotional labor, self-disclosure, and sympathy. The first communication behavior I recognized in the movie was emotional labor. According to our textbook, emotional labor is a situation in which managing and even suppressing emotions is both appropriate and necessary (p. 124). This method of communication is seen in a scene where Ana and Estela went to go see Estela’s boss. When Estela’s boss refused to give them an advance, Ana made a rude comment that Estela’s boss over hear. In response, Estela’s boss decides to turn around and ask, “Did you say something, Estela?” Estela quickly replied, “No, I didn’t say anything.” Ana knew she had said something to jeopardize her sister’s job. She also knew that if she didn’t want Estela to get fired, she should keep her mouth shut to avoid the situation from getting any worse. Ana’s emotional laboring saved Estela’s job. Ana’s character is a very emotional character, and she says what is on her mine. By using emotional laboring in this scene, she…

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