Reading, Writing, And Self Analysis Paper

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Reading, Writing, and Self-Analysis Paper Reading and writing has had a big impact on my life from the books that shaped my childhood to the papers that formed me into the student I am today. I have read a lot of books in my short life, but none of them had as big of an impact on me as the Harry Potter series. Writing papers was never my strong suit when I was younger and I hated writing, but that all changed when I wrote a research paper about Franklin Delano Roosevelt in elementary school. From that day forward I enjoyed writing and appreciated it a lot more. In elementary school I was never the coolest kid in class. I was really shy and afraid to make new friends; consequently, I plunged myself into books and trying to get the most AR points in my class. In second grade I read the first Harry Potter book and I immediately loved it. At first it seemed crazy that someone would write about something as fake as witches and wizards, but as I got further and further into the book I began to believe in magic and Hogwarts and everything J.K Rowling was writing about. I remember reading the first book and wishing with all my heart that someday I would get my Hogwarts acceptance letter and I think a small part of me still wants to get that letter. The Harry Potter books really spoke to me because I was a shy kid that didn’t know what to think about a new school and that’s exactly how Harry felt. My parents are divorced and Harry’s parents died when he was very young so I could…

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