Reading Is Essential For A Student 's Success Essay example

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Reading is essential to a student’s success in school. Comprehension and speed in reading are important in standardised tests; ACT, SAT, etc. Since some colleges don’t accept certain scores, these tests all affect a student’s future. That’s why schools everywhere are trying to map out their students’ progression. They want to be certain that their teaching techniques are effective in all areas, especially reading. So, schools conduct tests to determine individuals’ progress by the end of the year. The question to be explored in these situations is: how much do students progress from the beginning of the year to the end in a particular grade?
In psychology, the scientific study of the mind, you can’t simply jump into research without one essential method used by scientists everywhere. The scientific method guides all research explorations. It relies on gathering results, information, and testing a hypothesis based off of an observation. For starters, a researcher makes an observation and identifies a problem for questioning. My question: how much do students progress from the beginning of the year to the end in the second grade class? The next step involves the development of a theory or hypothesis. A hypothesis is a statement, or educated guess, that predicts a conclusion drawn from the data collected. This statement has to be measurable but can also be general. My hypothesis: in comparison to students’ scores from the beginning of the year to the end, there will be…

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