Reading And Writing : The Three Little Pigs Essay

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When it comes to reading or writing it is second nature to me. While growing up at an early age reading was one of my hobbies that I loved doing almost every day. Reading allowed me to imagine being an author and make up my own stories just like the books I read. Sometimes I would usually envy the authors and feel jealous of them. I remembered my mom telling me that reading and writing are a necessary essential to a successful career in my life; people will never get far in life without it. At an early age I understood what my mom was saying and made it a goal to excel in reading and writing. Every night she would always tell me stories, either from her childhood or the regular fables like “The Three Little Pigs”. Basically, if I just easily allow my words to appear effortlessly when writing, I will use words that viewers would want to listen to. Though I rather read than anything, writing always been my primary tool to talk to other people and allow me to connect myself personally clearly to people without having the desire to repeat myself again.
Throughout the early days of my childhood, I thought writing was just plain tiresome because sometimes it takes me forever to just make up a sentence and I thought I would never improve. As I got older, my writing developed even more when teachers shaped how I wrote. As a result of appreciating my own liking for reading stories, it made me desire to write my own, a desire to create set of stories and use my own creativity on them.…

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