Reading And Writing : An Important Aspect Of Learning Essay

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Reading and writing is an important aspect of learning, but in order to obtain these skills, you must first need to learn to comprehend the language. This all starts with your auditory system. You start listening to everything as an infant. I would start to sound out and imitate certain words I heard to slowly understand what that means. Visual learning also plays an important role. Children start watching the television and start picking things up in certain learning programs. Personally, I learned how to read and write in different ways just like many others have. Although many have struggled to learn growing up, these experiences helped me succeed with the assistance of my parents and the educational institutions to develop many ways for me to learn. Shows are helpful even though many people would disagree. There are a lot of child-related channels that help you learn. They educate you in many ways from counting numbers to learning how to read and go as far as to teach you a new language. In my early days, my parents would sit me in front of a television and would change the channel so I could watch Sesame Street. The show would always feature a word of the day in each episode and had a diverse of information about it. The show had that to expand the viewer’s vocabulary which helped me a good deal. Occasionally, my parents would bring out books and letters to teach me new things. I remember they would tell me to enunciate the vowels repetitively so I could engrave them…

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