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For my educational strategies I have chosen case II. Based on the needs assessment, we know that conversations will be difficult therefore the learners will need practice in delivering hard news for the patients and/or loved ones. The three learning objectives I would have are:
1. View and understand the difference between good and bad ways to deliver difficult news. 2. Learn how to talk to a patient or loved one when delivering bad news. 3. The ability to handle the delivery of difficult news in a professional manner.
For the first objective, I would start with a cognitive objective and use audio visual, as well as discussion. Finding good and bad examples of how to give difficult new to someone in video format would be a great start. The
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There is no doubt that there would be the use simulation, standardized patients and role-play. Simulation would be a good way to start because we can use manikins at first. Learners often seem to feel that manikins are easier to deal with and talk to because they are not real. I think learners would be able to talk to manikins and give difficult new during a simulation easier than giving it to a real person. Once the learner feels comfortable with the manikin, I would have the learner go through a simulation with a standardized patient. Real people in the room make it more realistic for the learner. The learner will have to give difficult news and they will see the emotions that the standardized patient will portray. This will make it hard for the learner, but as the learner continues to practice with the standardized patients, they will gain valuable feedback and be able to feel more comfortable in delivering bad news. I would also encourage the learners to interact with one another in role play, allowing one to be the patient and the other to deliver the difficult news. The learners can use role play before either being involved in the simulation or the standardized patient scenarios. Again, this will help the learner start to gain confidence as they will be involved with their peers and they can stop and go as they go through the

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