Reaction Paper: Tuckman's Stages Of Group In A Group

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Reaction Paper
Overall, I believe my group performed pretty highly during both group projects. Jeremy’s biggest fear was performing and he hated working in groups. He was so confident and comfortable an outsider would not be able to tell. Also, we all avoided social loafing. We equally talked in our presentations and equally conducted the work needed to perform successfully. No one sat in the background and let the team do the work for them; everyone was equally as important. Collectively, we seemed very knowledgeable of every topic and were able to convey the information in a way the audience could comprehend and remember. In addition, we did a great amount of presenting and conversing with the class. Looking back, there were a few
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one, in particular, is the Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development. Tuckman’s stages involve forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Our group was able to pass through the forming stage with ease. We were able to exchange information and initiate the meeting process while figuring out each other’s schedule. I believe the storming stage came when we began to run into issues with meeting times and days. For instance, I was job searching and interviews so I had to miss a couple of days as well as became less flexible. However, my team members were extremely understandable and we figured out the meeting times that worked for all of us during the norming stage. In addition, we moved through the storming phase and succeeded in our performance. We came together for a goal of receiving a high grade on our assignments, and fully prepared and performed in hope of receiving them. We have yet to reach the adjourning stage, but I am sure that will come soon. We were also good at sharing information with others, as discussed in chapter four - Preparing to Collaborate. We worked on developing a positive climate where we all felt comfortable and valued. We always encouraged quieter people to participate and give their opinion when they haven’t spoken up on a situation. We utilized GroupMe for our means of communicating and we all always responded. We worked as a team to find …show more content…
When I can see on paper everything I need to do, then I can plan out when to accomplish them and what days I can get ahead in my work to take time on other more complicated tasks. With the holidays approaching, I lost my high level of organization, causing me to stress over assignments because I did not plan out when I would complete them. Also, I will ensure I utilize the numerous theories I have learned in my communication classes about small group and interpersonal communication in regards to communicating with various people. For instance, knowing the listening and group styles of others will help me adjust my communication style, which can only be learned with getting to know your group members. Also, to stay in the present and not worry about the future, relates to my organizational skills. If those are intact, I will be able to focus on the

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