Reaction Paper - Carl Rogers

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Reaction Paper
Experiences in Communication – Carl R. Rogers
Everyone has different and unique experiences with communication. The psychologist Carl R. Rogers shares his experiences with communication in Chapter 1 of his book A Way of Being and by doing so provides major understandings of communication to the reader. Having read through the chapter thoroughly, I would like to follow Rodgers advice and “check what [he] says against [my] own experience and decide as to its truth or falsity for [me].” (439) In the following part I will try to make up my own mind by comparing his experience to mine.
First of all, Rogers
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Furthermore Rogers describes the concept of being real and how essential this is (440). I have always asked myself what does it mean to be real. Rogers delivers a great explanation for that issue as he describes being real as being congruent on three levels, namely experience, awareness and communication (441). This means one experiences something, is aware of the feelings provoked by this experience and also shares these to the outside through communication immediately. That means all three levels are congruent.
However, the more I think about the concept of being real the more difficult it appears to me to be a real person. For example in our jobs, we have to be profession and thus will not be able to express our feelings right away; instead we often rather suppress those. This produces often an inconvenient feeling. In this context Roger mentions that suppressing feelings can be harmful, since doing so too long could let them burst forth in ways that are distorted or attacking or hurtful towards others (442).
It is human to feel and also to express those feelings and it can be dangerous to suppress those as it causes inconvenience to oneself and to ones’ environment. It is just important to learn how to express feelings right, especially when it comes to negative feelings. That is for example, expressing dissatisfaction with your boss or colleagues. Explaining them how you feel on a polite

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