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Greek Project Rough Draft
October 05, 2017 So what do you know about Plato, Aristotle and Socrates? Anything? No, well just read this essay and you will find out a lot of different facts! Just like how Socrates was Plato's teacher and Plato was Aristotle's teacher and them when Plato died Aristotle opened his own Academy. Anyways read along and find out even more facts about these ancient philosophers and their families. Have fun! Socrates was born in 399 BCE and died in 470 BCE. Died at age 70. His parents were Sophroniscus and Phaenarete, and Xanthippe his wife. Socrates wasn’t born wealthy like most of his admirers were. He’s portrayed in these works as a man of great insight, integrity, self-mastery,
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Died at age 38. Aristotle's parents were Nicomachus and Phaestis. His beloved wife was named Pythias. Aristotle was Plato’s student and colleague for 20 years. During Aristotle's stay at the Academy, a King, named King Philip II of Macedonia started calling war on a lot of city-states in Greece. The Athenians defended their independence only wantingly, and after a series of humiliating concessions, they allowed King Philip to become master of the Greek world by 338. It cannot have been an easy time to be a Macedonian in Athens. King Philip resigned in 336-359 BCE. When Plato died around 348, his nephew Speusippus became captain of the Academy, and soon after Aristotle sadly left Athens. He ventured to Assus and settled at a city on the northwestern coast of Anatolia (present-day Turkey), where Hermias (a graduate of the Academy) was ruler. Aristotle became a good friend of Hermias and eventually married Pythias. Aristotle helped Hermias to create and build an alliance with Macedonia, which made the Persian king very angry. The Persian King had Hermias arrested and killed around 341. Aristotle’s memories of Hermias are written in “Ode to Virtue,” Aristotle's only surviving

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