Rationale: Living Like Weasels By Annie Dillard

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Rationale Essay: When I was in high school, English came easy to me. I got straight A’s in every single English course from freshman to senior year, while expressing minimal interest and giving minimal effort. No matter what the subject, or the type of paper, I always ended the assignment with a good grade. This did not prepare me well at all for English at the University level. When I received my first essay assignment, I was sure it was going to be a “piece of cake”. I assumed I was just going to take an easy A on the paper, and then an easy A on the course. Up until this point, I had assumed that I was a great writer. When I heard that there was going to be a portfolio assignment, which would be comprised of several essays, I had expectations …show more content…
I approached this paper differently, and used more preparation and writing strategies. I used an outline, a throwaway draft, a first draft, and a final draft. I used a brainstorming session as well before starting my writing. I made careful use of the appeals in this essay and made sure to indicate where I was using them within the …show more content…
Whereas I had thought I had written a fantastic paper, when I received it back, I was shown that there were holes in my work. For example, I did not use logos in my writing as well as I thought I had. Upon review, I realized that I did not use specific examples of facts and statements. I tried to use statements instead, which did not exactly work. My thesis and paragraph structure and transitions needed work as well. In my thesis I said that Ms. Dillard was trying to convince her readers to “live like weasels”, which I did not properly define. In my revision of the piece, I made sure to make it clearer what I was trying to say within my thesis. By “live like weasels”, I meant to live wild and free, with little care of consequence. My paragraph structure and transitions were far weaker than I had thought. Upon reading my instructor’s comments and feedback, I realized that my paragraphs stopped and started awkwardly and frequently, and I did not connect them in a fluid manner. I chose to remedy this in my revision, and I believe that it made my paper flow more

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