Essay on Rationale For Children With Children 's Background Knowledge

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After the second learning experience, the mentor suggested me to practice how to make the transition runs better by telling the children to pack their toys up then sending them to wash their hands for having their lunch. Telling the children to help their friends to pack up the toys in the classroom is to remind the children to become aware of fairness. Reminding the children to keep quiet when they are on queue while others washing their hands is to help them engage the class rule. Reminding the children to line up to get their lunch box, water bottle and find their favorite spot to sit down for their lunch is to enable them develop their sense of identity.

Child/Children’s Background Knowledge:

The educator reminds the children to pack their toys up in their classroom every day before they have their second lunch. The children will be reminded to line up for washing their hands and get their lunch without any assistance. The routines help the children increasingly become independent people.

Learning Objectives:

Helping the children realise their responsibilities for caring of the toys when their indoor activities is time up. Encouraging the children to pack up the sections they have played and help their friends to clean other sections possibly that will help the children become independent and aware of fairness. The children have to finish packing their toys within fifteen minutes. The children also can become autonomy with their routines of washing…

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