Essay Rationale For A Healthy Diet

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Rationale for Education
In my education program, dieting exercising is needed because United States has a high rate of individual who are obese and we need to find a cure to lower our obesity rates in the United States. We need many gyms to promote dieting and exercising in order to prevent obesity. According to the article, Teaching People the Benefits of a Healthy Diet, a club named Friday Fit Club, “ they promote a healthy diet which they let individuals taste variety of diet foods to ensure their clients will be eating healthy and made sure their clients completed a physical exercise (Duffin, 2010, p.12). We need more reliable information on different types of diets and exercise to promote weight loss. We also need a nutrition educator to educate the communities and fitness club.
Target Population of Characteristics This education program specifically targets the adults and children who have a high BMI or obese of the community at the Health Clinic. The Health Clinic is a non- profit health care system serving the needs of nationwide in the United Stated. The local community consists of approximately 100,000 people, with different ethnicities and the language spoken is English and Spanish. . The Health Clinic is open to the community of all income levels and the health clinic will go by the individual‘s gross income and family size. Children are welcome from five to seventeen with parent/guardian written consent. .According to the article, Effect of Age, Sex, and…

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