Essay on Rational Organisation

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What are the main features of rational organisation and what are its strengths and weaknesses? To what extent would you recommend rational organisation design as the way forward for junction hotel?

This essay will take an in depth analysis of the rational organisation design and evaluate the affects that it will implement on Junction Hotel, if they decide to run their organisation according to the rational theory. This will entail a detailed look into theorists such as Frederick Taylor who supported the rational approach and also a look into the opposing views from Elton Mayo and the Hawthorne experiments.

Rational organisational design is the process of choosing and implementing a structural configuration for an organisation this is
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Also other organisations such as my space have adopted this design to gain control of the business and increase effectiveness within the organisation The Times (2009) announced the staffing cuts as part of a plan to restructure itself into a “more innovative, efficient and entrepreneurial business”
However there are leading concerns and negative affects on humans that outweigh the strengths of the approach. By increasing efficiency the hotel is choosing the optimum means to a given end (Ritzer 2008, p.57) but arguably ignores the social factors such as teamwork, creativity and culture as it dehumanizes workers and reduces them to robots as it removes responsibility, lacks innovation and has a lack of integration “even the most casual smile, greeting, comment or suggestion by sales assistant is often programmed” (Morgan 2006). Upon taking the rational design junction Hotel would face weaknesses such as lack of job structure and negative attitudes from de-motivated and unchallenged staff, employees could lose opportunities for personal growth as they would spend much time on a days work which they neither value nor enjoy and the hotel would lose out on creative and intelligent contributions this would lead to poor efficiency and as a result this would reflect in reduced staff performance.

However when implementing a rational

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